Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Few Thoughts

Gettysburg was amazing. Listening to all the things about it made all of us feel proud to be Americans. We did a fun activity where we marched and it was hard. They all make it look so cool and fun to do, but when we got down to doing it, it was hard. We all learned that it is hard to do this if you don’t have someone running it. It was really sad to hear how they were killed and why they were killed. I think that we all learned a lesson about Gettysburg and it was that it was not just for men to do their part.

Amish!  It was hot and they have no ELECTRICiTY!!!! That means NO internet! It would be so sad if I were Amish and not have all that I have living in the modern age. I would cry. The houses were so small but cute. We learned that they had church in the living room and that girls sit on the left and the boys sit on the right. It was great seeing the animals and all the people were nice and friendly. I loved them all.

Arlington National Cemetery was one of the most beautiful places in the world. We went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It made me sad because these people couldn’t be identified. They all had roses in front of them to show respect and a lot of people were crying. That was a good thing we got to see and it made me happy to see that.

At the night time we were ready to go, ready to sleep, and ready to get in to the hotel room and sleep. But no we don’t get too!  We went to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. It made every one cry and we all got to see the date of the year of our birth and see how many people were are our age and how many kids died. We all were crying and all we heard was sniffling and muffled crying. It was so beautiful and worth it. I loved it and so did everyone else. It’s going good so far and we all love it.  Good Night.

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